Deploying AWS docker containers.

I was looking for some information about how I could deploy a docker application in AWS, specifically a React application. I must confess that I’m a newbie on AWS world so I decided to use their UI instead of the command line and evaluate how intuitive its User interface is. It took me around 10 to 15 minutes in total to deploy the application, these guys did a really good job considering that it was my first time playing with this environment.

I found a very good resource that helped me to deploy the application, in a second phase I pretend to deploy my own code into AWS.

Seems like the UI’s are changing continuously so bare with me if you find the screenshots that I present here a little outdated.

First we have to create a Service. Initially I selected an nginx web app but at the end decides sample-app since this was going to be a testing sample application.

You have to define your service and the number of tasks it will use, by default it has assigned 1 task so I left that as it is and moved to the next screen shot.

We define the cluster, in here I also didn’t change any value.

You just need to confirm the settings for the service you will create and boom you are ready to go.

After the service is created you will be able to navigate to this url and the validate the web application is running successfully.

It’s important to say that if you don’t delete the service you will be charged for it, so you can test it and delete after you deployed.

Consider that before you delete the service you have to set the number of task equals to 0.

In order to delete the service you have to delete this configuration following the order:

1 Delete the listener

2 Delete the load balancer

3 Select the service and delete

Hopefully this can be useful for somebody with null experience in AWS however as I already mentioned the UX is really good and very intuitive.

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